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"Gone in Flames" by LaVonne Boruk
A Novel of Suspense and Romance!

Ten-year-old Rex is the only millionaire in his school. he's also the only orphan. When his parents and siblings are killed in the fire that burned the family homestead, Rex's whole world crumbled. Through the love of his best friend's parents, the young boy begins to rebuild his life. Heir to the insurance money, his family's farmland and the new home his father had just finished building, young Rex must learn what he can about life and farming at the hands of his foster father, a stern but fair man. But as he grows to adulthood, Rex's world could again be shattered. Only this time, he would not only lose his foster-family, but also the girl he loves.

About the Author...

LaVonne T. Boruk

LaVonne T. Boruk grew up on a farm in the northeastern quadrant of Louisiana, USA, graduating from Tallulah High School at the age of 16. After working several years in that small town she realized she was getting nowhere fast, so when her brother invited her to move to Columbus, Georgia where he and his wife lived she packed her few belongings and went with him.

It was there she met the man she would soon marry, a career army soldier and a paratrooper, stationed at nearby Ft. Benning. Together, they raised three sons. LaVonne and Jim, whom she calls her Texas cowboy, lived in many different places, both in the United States and in Europe. LaVonne has seen a good portion of the world and has never met a person she could not relate to in some way, showing a deep appreciation for their friendship, no matter the culture.

When her husband retired from the military, they settled in Columbia, South Carolina where they still reside. The couple recently celebrated their fiftieth wedding anniversary and look forward to many more happy years together.

When she stumbled upon a group on the Internet for women writers she began to realize her lifetime dream of writing a novel. LaVonne has now written four novels (yet unpublished) and is concurrently working on two more.

In addition to writing novels, LaVonne has spent many hours researching and writing both her and Jim's family histories so their children can know their roots, which she has recently learned extend to early seventeenth-century France, Scotland, England, Austria, and present-day Ukraine, as well as Canada and the United States.

To contact LaVonne personally, send her email to: LaVonne Boruk.

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